Mareba Computers Ltd is a wholly Kenyan owned company registered in May 1999. We are a solution provider devoted to system analysis, design, training, implementation and support of SYSPROTM SYSTEMS, which is an Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing system.

Mareba Computers Ltd is an appointed distributor/VAR of SYSPROTMSYSTEMS that is engineered and developed by Syspro (Pty) Group, South Africa. We are the leading distributor and solution provider in East Africa.

Our offices are located at WOOD AVENUE COURT, FLAT 3,WOOD AVENUE ROAD, KILIMANI. We have a software development division, which we use to create practical software deliverance solutions at the same location.


Mareba Computers Limited is a results-oriented company focusing on understanding business needs and timelessly developing the best of breed turnkey solutions. The company’s target is to become the top dealer in ERP software solutions delivery.

We are geared towards establishing a personalized customer relationship with flexibility, which allows us to adapt to various corporate standards maintained by our clients.


Mareba Computers Limited is focused on specializing in the provision of Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing Software solutions to organizations and also provides related technical services. Â We achieve this by taking advantage of our experience in systems design and implementation to become a market leader in this field.

Our availability as the local support team is of added advantage. This will be coupled with the use of software development especially Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), which achieves various/unique management reporting needs that are never standard.

We have a special bias towards management requirements since it forms the core of comprehensive systems deliverance. In recent years the market has gone through a period of rapid development with an increase in the level of sophistication of systems and software required by clients.

Another feature to emerge strongly is the requirement across the market place for customized reporting. Mareba computers, therefore, has seen the need to have Accountants, Computer Engineers and Programmers on its team of staff.


Since its inception 25 years ago, SYSPRO has continuously developed technologically advanced software solutions in a focussed, systematic and dedicated way. Our purpose is to help customers improve efficiencies, so they may better anticipate and capitalize on market opportunities as they present themselves. For us to be truly successful, this must reflect in their bottom-line results and ROI, or we will have failed in our customer relationships and co-creation of values.

Over years our product has evolved from IMPACT Award and Encore versions, and has recently been re-branded and positioned as SYSPRO Version 6.0.  This is in keeping with its innovative and acknowledged world–class capabilities, and a marketplace experiencing dramatic, multi-dimensional changes.

When you choose SYSPRO, you confidently expect a robust, stable and fully integrated business software solution that extends enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and inter-based e-commerce beyond all facets of your organization, to include your customers and suppliers. This opens up exciting possibilities and efficiencies, particularly with respect to real-time decision marking and enhanced supply chain management (SCM) with increased customer satisfaction levels.